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Mantra Law Office

Founded in 1994, Mantra Law Office has its headquarters in Houston, Texas, with offices in diverse cities within the United States of America, and in India. Mantra Law Office, also notably regarded as The Law Offices of Uma Mantravadi, has been proffering unparalleled legal services to international legion of clients over the years. The experienced team of attorneys of Mantra Law Office, helmed by founder/director Uma Mantravadi, understand how complicated and intimidating the legal process of U.S. immigration can be. Immigration laws in the United States are extraordinarily complex, and a single mistake could lead to calamitous results; we firmly believe that your decisions today could affect your options tomorrow.

Relation With Clients


Mantra Law Office prides itself on building bedrock relationships with clients that are instituted and nurtured with mutual trust, commitment, compassion, creativity, and the tacit promise of striving for successful resolutions in every case. Every client brings unique expectations which lend favorably to the company’s versatility. What the adept team at Mantra Law does is to invest quality and attention to detail. Clients are the priority and every success are a shared victory, because when one reaches out to the Mantra group, one becomes the firm’s partners. The attorneys give 100% of their attention to the requirements of the client, and develop strategic and practical solutions to every case. Mantra Law Office is not a visa mill chasing numbers. Instead, the company is ethics driven, with allegiance first to the client .

Area of Specialties

Mantra Law Office handles a host of visa categories including the most complex immigration cases, such as the specialty occupation workers (H-1B), multinational executives and managers (L-1A) , specialized knowledge workers (L-1B), NAFTA professionals (TN), students (F-1), treaty investors (E-2), extraordinary achievers (O-1), performers (P-3), trainees (H-3), and EB-5 Investors.

Bringing necessary personnel to the United States benefits foreign workers, employers, and the nation’s economy. The team at Mantra lends clarity to US employers about the eligibility requirements of hiring foreign workers by examining the client’s specific situation and helps determine where the client’s petition might fit within the priority system established by the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Laws.